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2019 Montreal Wedding Photography Collections

Distinct Collection

10h photojournalistic coverage of your wedding

+ Retouched images on USB key + an engagement photography 

Investment: 2,895$+tx


Essential Collection

8h photojournalistic coverage of your wedding 

+ Retouched images on USB key + an engagement photography session

Investment: 2,295$+tx


Minimalist Collection

6 hours of photojournalistic coverage of your wedding

+ Retouched images on USB key 

Investment: 1,795$+tx


Collections includes

1. Photography services by Sébastien D'Amour.

2. Retouching of the images.

3. An average of 40 images per hour.

4. The personal usage rights.  

5. Images in full resolution in color and black and white. Also included is a web version in color and black and white for social media (FB/IG and others) use. 



Second photographer – 500$

Engagement session - 375$

Next day preview – 300$

Extra hour - 345$/h 

Albums pricing varies depending on number of pages, size and various options.  


Why choose me for your wedding photography?

I genuinely love people

I am all about people and I honestly love photographing wedding because of all the small stories between the guests, the couple and the family members.

My values

The core values of my wedding photography never changed since 2007. My photography is based on genuine moments, strong emotions and the stories within the wedding celebration. I capture a faithful representation of your wedding day. This means that the images I capture are candid, un-touched moments and genuine emotions. 

More than just photography

I capture more than photography. I record the relationships between people who love each other deeply. These souvenirs become treasures once the memory starts to fade away.

It’s your wedding not mine

The wedding days to which I am delighted to be invited at are not about me. It's all about you and I feel too many photographers out there forget that fact. It's not about the award winning shot; it's about the little moments and the images that will forever represent you and your special bond in your family history. 

Next day preview

Share some amazing images to loved ones that were not able to attend your wedding. I do next day previews for a simple reason, being so fresh, it allows people that didn’t have the luck to attend your wedding celebration to live it and be close to it the very next day. These previews are shared on Facebook so you can easily share it with all your family and friends.

I am tremendously honoured that you are considering me to photograph your wedding,


Contact Montreal wedding photographer to reserve your date and/or to setup a relaxed non formal meeting.