Why unplugged weddings? Genuine moments are better remembered

What’s an unplugged weddings you ask? Simply put it’s a wedding where all photography cameras, video cameras and phones from family and guest attending your genuine wedding are stowed away in a basket and handed back to them when they grab their coat to leave your intimate wedding after the party.

Why do I feel it’s a good thing? Not because of people photobombing your first kiss picture or you walking down the aisle with your spouse. (#1 reason photographers complain the most on discussion forums) but because your guest and family will actually enjoy and live the moment. You also get the occasional bridesmaid that post a picture with the bride on her Facebook or Instagram account. All of a sudden, the groom sees his future wife and the surprise is ruined because of a single little picture.

What are your best memories? Were you busy taking a picture of it or you actually took the time to live the moment to the fullest? We are often told to live like a child and since having a baby girl at home for the last 2.5 months, I started living more in the present and living the moments with her and my girlfriend. It’s been an eye opening experience.

I found this remarkable article about memory and photography in the Psychological Science that studied the correlation between snapping a picture and the strength of our recollection of the event. “Results showed a photo-taking-impairment effect: If participants took a photo of each object as a whole, they remembered fewer objects and remembered fewer details about the objects and the objects’ locations in the museum than if they instead only observed the objects and did not photograph them.” but they also concluded that “when participants zoomed in to photograph a specific part of the object, their subsequent recognition and detail memory was not impaired, and, in fact, memory for features that were not zoomed in on was just as strong as memory for features that were zoomed in on.”

They also concluded that taking a picture ask too much of your concentration to actually remember the details of the object, event or moment.

Wouldn’t you like your guest to actually live and remember your love celebration or do you just want them to add that album of photos on Facebook and not actually live the joy of the moment? I know which one suits me the best.




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