Uniting my 2 passions…Photography and golf.

People who know me, know that I am an avid golfer. Golf has been part of my life since 1993. I started playing when I wanted to do an activity with my parents. I remember the day that I learned that golf existed. My parents had purchased themselves some clubs and balls. They put the purchases in the trunk of the car but I was interested by the box that said Top-Flite II. I was certain that the box contain a flight simulator computer game. When I opened the box, I saw golf balls and asked my parents what it was.

20 years later, I get to join my passion for golf and my passion for photography together for Golf Canada.

I was sanction to photograph the last round of the CN Future Links Championship at the Milby golf club near Sherbrooke, Qc. On july 10th 2013, armed with my gear bag and three and a half  hours of sleep, I drove two hours to get to the tournament. It was a blast to join my photography passion to my favourite sport.

Author: Sébastien D’Amour

Golfer playing Golfer loosing balance after his shot Golfer looking at his drive CN future links Championship Women golfer playing a shot from a bunker Women golfer happy after her birdie Women golfer teeing off on a hole Golfer playing from bunker golfer playing from bunker golfer looking at his ball coming out of the bunker Women golfer looking at her putt Women golfer teeing off Golfer at the top of his swing Golfer silhouette on follow through Golfer teeing off Golfer pitching the ball on the green



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