21% of bride wish they would have invest more on photography…

While we are overwhelmed with beautiful wedding imagery, brides often say they wish they could re-do their wedding. I find this pretty sad since it means that a service or plan wasn’t up to their expectations. In a survey for their 2013 wedding issue, New York magazine asked 100 recent brides what’s […]


Montreal wedding photography – Mark + Leah 4

I met Mark a couple of years ago when I second shot a wedding with him. A couple of years later, it’s his time to get married. We met at their beautiful condo in Montreal, Qc. That’s when I meet Leah.  Fast forward to this week, I was exchanging emails […]

Couple sharing their first dance at their wedding reception

My home smells like the Louis Vuitton store…

This morning I got the surprise delivery from Fedex. This album was supposed to be received only on monday so my clients are going to be happily surprised to receive their album before going to see their family over the week-end. The album comes in a beautiful leather box to […]

Madera books Wedding photography album

Digital images from a wedding…

Hi everyone, I am writing about a very delicate subject for most photographers and couples. What is the right thing to do with the digital images taken during a wedding? I here lots of various chatter on this subject. Some clients say that they want the files that showcases the moments […]

Why unplugged weddings? Genuine moments are better remembered

What’s an unplugged weddings you ask? Simply put it’s a wedding where all photography cameras, video cameras and phones from family and guest attending your genuine wedding are stowed away in a basket and handed back to them when they grab their coat to leave your intimate wedding after the […]

Montreal event – Prix Boomerang 2013 1

On this lovely thursday evening, I was capturing the images of the Prix Boomerang for Les Éditions Infopresse. The event was held at La Tohu in Montreal, Qc. Over 30 awards were handed out with the big winner this year being La Presse +. I had a blast photographing the event […]

Montreal event photography

100% invested in you love story, wedding and uniqueness.

I love wedding photography since I get to capture and record the love story between two people. This responsibility is taken very seriously. I bond with my clients and I want to show their personality in the wedding photographs that we will create together. Wedding photography opens a window upon […]

Montreal wedding photography album

Coalition Avenir Québec – Special General council

On this saturday 16th of November 2013, I was driving while the sun was not even up yet. I was in the direction of Quebec city for the Special general council of the Coalition Avenir Québec that was held at the Quebec city convention centre. It was my first time covering […]

Jacques Legault, chief of the Coalition Avenir Quebec

The art of second shooting 4

The art of second shooting Second shooting is a great way to learn wedding photography but it’s also very hard but you can get there through dedication and hard work. Many people think that you learn to become a wedding photographer through second shooting; that is not the case. You […]

In this digital world, do wedding album matter?

I have noticed lately that many couples feel that receiving their wedding images on a disc or sub key is good enough. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great that couples get a variation and selection of the images of their magical day in a digital format. Nowadays, couple receive many […]


Flash photography part 2 – Aspects of the light created

For me, the light created by a speedlite has 3 distinctive aspect. It comes in the amount of quantity, in the shape of quality and in the form of direction. All 3 aspects must be controlled and used with a purpose in each photo captured. The quantity of light can […]


Flash photography tutorial part 1( Metering + Triggers)

Off camera flash is a simple, effective and creative technique that will all need to master. Lots of information is available on the world wide web. You can get some great tutorials on strobist, Fstoppers and other blogs. I want to share my technique and view about off camera flash(OCF). First […]

Couple reacting at a speech during their wedding reception

The effects of aperture

What is aperture? The aperture of a lens represent its iris. This is measure in F stop’s. I love to compare a photography lens with the human eye. When dark, the human eye can open it’s iris up to receive a much greater amount of light. You can do the […]

Photographs in the genuine color – the importance of white balance

What is white balance? You might have noticed when examining shots after taking them that at times images can come out with an orange, blue, yellow etc look to them – despite the fact that to the naked eye the scene looked quite normal. The reason for this is that […]

The eye of the camera – Lenses

The most important factor in your image quality are your lenses. You might spend 3000$ on your camera but you will spend double or triple that on your lenses. The lens is the only object between your scene and the image sensor. It’s the vital part of the equation. It […]

to motion or not to motion – The Shutter speed question

What is shutter speed? it’s the time that the 2 shutters are open to show the scene to your sensor. It’s the common term use to define the exposure in photography.This is an important factor to understand to achieve sharp images. The shutter speed will allow you to stop or […]

Why wedding photography?

I am often asked why do I love wedding photography? Simple, a wedding is a personal, romantic love story between 2 people.  Being that I am a romantic and emotional man (I cry at over 50% of the wedding ceremony or speeches). I love that I can showcase the love story […]

Grandmother happy reaction to seeing the bride