Our heart loves whomever makes us feel special – Montreal wedding photography – Jason + Steve

“Just to be clear and to answer the question everyone wants to ask but isn’t comfortable enough to ask, this is a gay wedding” said Steve during his speech. Everyone at the reception bursted in laughter.

I met Jason and Steve at their lovely Montreal home. I think we talked for  45 minutes about them and their wedding before they asked me the question: “Do you have anything with homosexuality?” and me to answer: ” Nope. Our heart loves another human being which makes us feel important, unique and allows us to be genuine. You love whom you want to love.”

So fast forward 3 months and their we are on September 28th 2013, Jason and steve’s wedding day.

We started with capturing details of them getting ready for the big day. We then proceeded for a photoshoot at the Montreal Olympic Park since they both love the structures around that area. We took the time to also shoot next to the new Montreal Planetarium. What an amazing structure and background for amazing photographs. Steve and Jason gave me the opportunity and time to express myself creatively and I will always be grateful for their trust.  I remember Steve telling me that he wasn’t perfectly comfortable in the public because of the reaction that people might have. I am so happy that is joy, pride and  his faith in me broke that barrier. He wasn’t shy in front of my camera and I felt like I was capturing the genuine relationship between them.

The ceremony was held at le Palais de Justice were family and friends were gathered. After some tears of joy and laughter, we went out to capture some more images of them in various settings that I had scouted for them to represent their personalities. The evening ended at the Montreal Sheraton airport hotel. The had a fabulous cocktail in the garden and a magnificent reception in le Grand salon.

I know we read this all the time on other photographers blog and facebook post, but this was one amazing personal and creative experience for me with great clients.

Wedding reception: Montreal Sheraton airport hotel

Photography: Montreal wedding photography – Sébastien D’Amour – assisted by Js Dénommé



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