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My home smells like the Louis Vuitton store…

This morning I got the surprise delivery from Fedex. This album was supposed to be received only on monday so my clients are going to be happily surprised to receive their album before going to see their family over the week-end.

The album comes in a beautiful leather box to protect it when my clients are going to bring it at their families home.

The album is a great size of 12X16 inch wrapped in fabulous and gorgeous marlboro leather. If you have ever been into a Louis Vuitton store, the smell will bring you back to the memory of the your visit. The texture of the leather is rich. The pages are thick and rigid that will make this album last for a lifetime and for further generations.

The album is a lay flat design with a very small gutter between pages.

I am very proud of this beautiful album that my clients will love for years until they grow old.

Photography: Montreal wedding photographer – Sébastien D’Amour



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