Montreal wedding photography – Mark + Leah

I met Mark a couple of years ago when I second shot a wedding with him. A couple of years later, it’s his time to get married. We met at their beautiful condo in Montreal, Qc. That’s when I meet Leah.  Fast forward to this week, I was exchanging emails with the couple on last minute details. They were a touch stressed about the weather forecast. The forecast was rain and lots of it. My luck prevailed and it rained in the morning but stopped 45 minutes before my first photograph was captured. 😀

They both got ready at family members homes in Hudson, Qc. The wedding ceremony was to be held at a cute little church in Hudson. St-Thomas church was a great setting for the ceremony.

After the ceremony, we proceeded to the Intercontinental hotel in Downtown Montreal. Since light is very limited in November, we created the bridal party and mots of the couple images in the hotel were the wedding reception was going to be held.

“The most important decision in your life his choosing your life partner, I have found mine”

Photography by Montreal wedding photographer – Sebastien D’Amour assisted by Js Dénommé.



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