I also cover events – Diplomatic ICAO election campaign United Arab Emirates

I was hired a couple of months ago to capture the portrait of Capt. Aysha Al Hamili (image #8) for the cover and an article of her in an aviation magazine. The portrait session went really well and she loved the photographs that we had created.

Two weeks ago, I receive an email asking me if I could cover the election campaign of the United Arab Emirates at the International Civil Aviation Organization in Montreal, Qc. For 5 days I had the mandate to photograph and capture the meetings between various countries and to captured images of important people in the organization.

I am very bless to work for such amazing client’s like the UAE. They are down to earth, serious but fun and very respectful.

Here are some images of the coverage (some images have been left out because of a non-disclosure agreement)

Photography: Montreal wedding photographer – Sébastien D’Amour

United Arab Emirates Emblem UAE delegate UAE Director general thinking UAE delegation in meeting United-Arab-Emirates-5 United-Arab-Emirates-6 United-Arab-Emirates-7 United-Arab-Emirates-8 United-Arab-Emirates-9 United-Arab-Emirates-10 United-Arab-Emirates-11 United-Arab-Emirates-12 United-Arab-Emirates-13 United-Arab-Emirates-14 United-Arab-Emirates-15 United-Arab-Emirates-16 United-Arab-Emirates-17 United-Arab-Emirates-18 United-Arab-Emirates-19 United-Arab-Emirates-20 United-Arab-Emirates-21 United-Arab-Emirates-22 United-Arab-Emirates-23 United-Arab-Emirates-24 United-Arab-Emirates-25 United-Arab-Emirates-26 United-Arab-Emirates-27 United-Arab-Emirates-28 United-Arab-Emirates-29 United-Arab-Emirates-30 United-Arab-Emirates-31 United-Arab-Emirates-32 United-Arab-Emirates-33 United-Arab-Emirates-34 United-Arab-Emirates-35 United-Arab-Emirates-36 United-Arab-Emirates-37 United-Arab-Emirates-38 United-Arab-Emirates-39 United-Arab-Emirates-40 United-Arab-Emirates-41 United-Arab-Emirates-42 United-Arab-Emirates-43 United-Arab-Emirates-44 United-Arab-Emirates-45 United-Arab-Emirates-46 United-Arab-Emirates-47 United-Arab-Emirates-48 United-Arab-Emirates-49 United-Arab-Emirates-50 United-Arab-Emirates-51 United-Arab-Emirates-52 United-Arab-Emirates-53 United-Arab-Emirates-54 United-Arab-Emirates-55 United-Arab-Emirates-56 United-Arab-Emirates-57 United-Arab-Emirates-58 United-Arab-Emirates-59 United-Arab-Emirates-60 United-Arab-Emirates-61 United-Arab-Emirates-62 United-Arab-Emirates-63 United-Arab-Emirates-64 United-Arab-Emirates-65 United-Arab-Emirates-66



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