Digital images from a wedding…

Hi everyone,

I am writing about a very delicate subject for most photographers and couples. What is the right thing to do with the digital images taken during a wedding?

I here lots of various chatter on this subject. Some clients say that they want the files that showcases the moments of their wedding day, others ask to have all the images and some only want an album and prints. Some photographers say that the images are a family heirloom, others say that we should never give the digital images to the clients to insure proper printing quality since rendering is different from paper to paper and printer to printer.

Personally, I edit down the images of a wedding to the best  images of each moment. I offer superbe quality prints and unique and personalized wedding albums but I also include the digital images in my collections.

What do you think? What did you do with your digital wedding photos? Do you actually look at your images one, tow or even five years after your wedding or do you only look at your album to relive your emotional celebration of love.




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