Sebastien D’Amour

Montreal wedding photographer Sébastien D'Amour

Montreal wedding photographer – Sébastien D’Amour

Who am I? Good question!

I am a proud dad (maybe too much like you can see on my Instagram), blessed husband and an award winning wedding photographer based in the Montreal area. Established in 2007, I have been commissioned for over 130 weddings in Montreal, Quebec, Ottawa, Toronto, Mexico, Cuba and Portugal. Available for Canadian and International weddings.  

My wedding photography style is a faithful representation of the moments throughout your wedding. This means that the images I capture are candid, un-touched moments from the wedding. I am curious by nature so the story of your relationship, your wedding  and your family will intrigue me.

What do I like about wedding photography? The uniqueness of the day and moments, the overwhelming emotions, the love, the story of your wedding, the families. I believe wedding photography is about depth of feelings, genuine fun and authentic love.

I am tremendously honored that you are considering allowing me to photograph your wedding. 

Thank you and talk to you soon,