21% of bride wish they would have invest more on photography…

While we are overwhelmed with beautiful wedding imagery, brides often say they wish they could re-do their wedding. I find this pretty sad since it means that a service or plan wasn’t up to their expectations.

In a survey for their 2013 wedding issue, New York magazine asked 100 recent brides what’s on their do-over wish lists (and what they would never want to change). Check out their answers below, what do you think about these results?


I find it pretty alarming that 21% of the brides asked said that they wish they would have spent more on photography. Why is that? Unhappy with their images, the photographer never showed up, unhappy with the style of the images(see comment above in the memories that make you cringe), customer service was no good, etc…

Here’s why I find hiring full time wedding photographer is important.  We practice this art on a regular basis so we will have the experience and knowledge to render beautiful imagery even in the most challenging situation. The customer service aspect will be of higher value since we are putting our business and personal reputation on the line at every wedding that we capture. The feel of our service will be better since we have multiple wedding coverage experience under our belt, so our stress level will be low and comfortable. Can you imagine spending a full day with a stressed out wedding photographer? Our style or imagery is pretty established so you know what to expect quality and consistency wise with a full time wedding photographer.

There is a difference in the ‘week-ender’ photographers and the full time wedding photographers – and the proof is often in the customer service and in the quality and consistency of the images. You definitely get what you pay for when it comes to wedding photography and we can actually read that through this survey.

What do you think about these numbers?




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