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100% invested in you love story, wedding and uniqueness.

I love wedding photography since I get to capture and record the love story between two people. This responsibility is taken very seriously. I bond with my clients and I want to show their personality in the wedding photographs that we will create together. Wedding photography opens a window upon the intimate, romantic and genuine part of their relationship.

I am genuinely interest in your love story. I find that incorporating the real you allows me to capture the true essence of your relationship. You will notice that my photography is not all about your table setting, shoes and other details. It’s about you and your love. I will capture details that you worked hard at planning but they won’t be the main story of your wedding.

I am an honest, loyal and hard working man. I have always invested my time, creativity, personality, experience in every wedding that I have photographed. Unlike the big wedding photography studios, I guarantee to be the main photographer at your wedding. I won’t ever send someone else to cover the most important day of your life. Your wedding is about you. We collaborate together to create genuine, emotional and romantic images. For this, I like to know more about what you like and dislike. Our connection will lead to authentic photographs filled with your passion, your personality and your love.

I am writing this since I, like my clients, read stories about wedding studios that send “photographers” to photograph a wedding. Some studios will lie to clients and I have a hard time accepting this fact. They will hire multiple shooters during the peak season for the only purpose to make money photographing your wedding (double booking the same date). The reason I have a hard time with this fact is that many will hire “photographers” that actualy don’t care about your wedding, your story and your uniqueness.

I have a suggestion to any couple that are looking for a wedding photographer. Go with a photographer that will be genuinely interested and invested in your wedding. I am not the only one that lives by this standard and I applaud my colleagues that respect their client enough to work like this also. I have to admit that some studios actually showcase a portfolio of the photographer that will be present for the wedding but I can you guarantee that the personality will be the right mix.

Take the time to choose your wedding photographer since he will be the only person present next to you and your better half from preparations all the way until the late hours of the party.

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