Serena + Jeremy – An intimate Ottawa backward wedding

Like I predicted after the engagement photoshoot, this wedding was fun and filled with love. I love these weddings, you know, the ones that people are present and celebrating for the right reasons. Emotions were present throughout the day but they “only” made me cry a couple of times hahahaha

Serena and Jeremy tied the knot this past Saturday august 30th 2014 in Ottawa. They shared this unique moment with family and friends in a stunning backward wedding.

To my biggest surprise, Jeremy was so laid back with the presence of the cameras (remember he hates them). Serena like always was beautiful. So much that she asked Jeremy’s if his reaction on the first look was real or fake. He was simply breathless and amazed.

The emotions continued on during the speeches which were filled with fantastic humour, great thoughts and loving memories (insert: I cried)

Thank you so much for allowing me to be your photographer and to capture the story of your wedding.

Lots of Amore for you guys!!!!

Photography by Montreal wedding photographer – Sébastien D’Amour assisted by Js Dénommé.

Katheryne + Jeff – an Old Montreal love story!

Katheryne and Jeff officially and literaly tied the knot yesterday in Old Montreal at Chateau Ramezay. These two happy, go lucky, easy going, giggling love birds have been together for over 10 years already. They pledged in front of family and friends to stay true to themselves, cherish one another and love each other until they grow very old. 

Cheers to both of you and have a great continuation to your love story. 

Photography by Montreal wedding photographer – Sébastien D’Amour
assisted by Matthew Earnest Allarie

Erica + David – Love, laughter mixed with more laughter = bliss

I can simply resume this engagement photoshoot with simple words like love, laughter and fun. Erica and David choose to use the background of St-Sauveur for their engagement photoshoot. While driving up from my home, it rained here and there. When we met in St-Sauveur it started to rain so we decided to head out to David’s family cottage near by. The rain stopped on our way out there. 

We used the beautiful view and access to the water to create some great portraits and little moments. We then went back to the village to get some more ‘urban’ images.

Now I know that this wedding will be a blast and loaded with laughter! Did I mention that they are fun. They have there little cute things that they do such as a high five and then down low :P I love it!!!

Photography by Wedding photographer – Sébastien D’Amour

Catherine + Jf – a rustick vintage wedding in Charlevoix.

3 dresses, 3 pairs of shoes, 1 karaoke, 1 gorgeous bride, 1 handsome groom = a fantastic love story with a great party. I first met Jean-François when I was working at Lozeau. A funny, always go lucky happy man. He met Catherine over 3 years ago and life both changed for them. Like she said in her vows, the greatest compliment she had gotten before meeting her man was: “You are the most beautiful sad woman in the world.” It all changed when they met and started their love adventure together. She his beautiful but now also a happy woman.

I received the request to photograph their fabulous wedding when I was photographing Jean-François motorbike in the greater Montreal area.

I left on friday with my wife and daughter to go for a 3 day trip in Charlevoix. I left with some stunning images, great laughs, meeting fantastic people and I got to walk in the St-Lawrence river with my wife and daughter.

Thank you both for allowing me into your personal lives and giving me the opportunity to capture your wedding day under great weather might I add.

Cheers to both of you and keep singing, laughing and loving each other.

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Ariane + Karl-Frederic – A Jewish love story in Montreal

A great young couple tied the knot yesterday in Montreal at The Wave events center. Both young designers they met at a portfolio presentation event. Karl-Frédéric admitted that although Ariane his super talented, he might have noticed more her good looks then her work that night. They didn’t know it yet but faith had just united their destiny together.

I would see these two fun, loving, genuine and funny regularly at Infopresse events. I remember I took one picture of them together and then it became a tradition. Ariane told me at the time that she loved my images because she felt natural and beautiful while looking at them. I hope I delivered that same feeling for both of them.

It’s hard not to love these two. They are positive, fun, loving, genuine and funny although Ariane is often alone laughing at his jokes. Hey! he admitted it!

Cheers to both of you and keep on smiling at each other.